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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation That Makes Sense

Your portfolio will be rebalanced quarterly to ensure that it stays within pre-set parameters.  When market conditions occasionally present special opportunities to invest in undervalued assets, we use “tactical asset allocation” strategies to profit from these situations—always with a controlled approach to risk.

For many high-earning executives and professionals, future income can be influenced by ”exposure” during a career to the fortunes of a particular industry, company, or economic environment. For example, a sell-side research analyst’s compensation is affected by how well the industry sector they cover performs. As such, the asset allocation for such a client should take into account the factors that drive the performance of that sector. Unlike most asset allocation models, which take a “static approach” and do not consider individual circumstances, OFC’s dynamic approach works to create a portfolio that truly diversifies risk across your future income stream (human capital), as well as existing assets.

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